Giving girls the power to play.


What We Do

ActivateHer currently works with girls between the ages of 3 and 14, offering a program for pre-primary girls, and a program for primary school girls.

       Preschool Movement Program: focus on body awareness through the use of gymnastics and yoga.

Primary School Activation Program: sports oriented programming focusing on cricket, dance, netball, soccer, and yoga.

High School PlayHer Program: engages with a variety of sports to teach functional fitness, develop life skills, and build a health and wellness routine.

Why girls?

In South Africa it is not safe today to grow up as a girl.

  1 in 5 young women are exposed to gender based violence. 1 in 3 young women become pregnant before the age of 20. And young women contract HIV 2 times higher than young men.

Girls need safe spaces to be able to be themselves. This is where ActivateHer comes in.

Why sports?

Sports provide a platform to communicate, discuss, and engage with topics relating to girls’ development and growth- physically, mentally and emotionally.

Sports are also fun ways to get girls to be active and learn about their bodies, while being able to teach larger lessons about life through the medium of sports.


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